Value Driven Advisory Services 30+ Years of Experience in Building
and Growing Companies
Value Driven Advisory Services 30+ Years of Experience in Building
and Growing Companies

Extensive Experience, Agile Skills, Strategic Foresight

Building and transforming companies in today’s hyper competitive digital world

Who We Are

Founded in 2001 GENext is a professional services and advisory firm that works closely with entrepreneurs and C-level executives to help solve the most complex business issues and transform your company to be competitive in todays lightning fast paced markets.

  • Our expertise includes guiding entrepreneurs to launch and operate multiple companies in the US, China and Pakistan.
  • - Our US-China business includes a digital media services company launched in 2004 and medical technology consultancy founded in 2008.
  • - Our US-Pakistani company is an agile software consulting firm focused on building next-generation business solutions that digitally transform our client’s businesses.

-In 2016 we architected and successfully won a proxy battle to oust the board of directors of a publicly-traded online pharmacy business and GENext founder Jeff Holtmeier was elected Chairman and CEO during the transition.

-Along with our sister company Cinnova, GENext takes an active role in early-stage technology companies that fit our criteria for success. Our strength and experience in software development combined with our accomplished skills in launching and operating businesses provide valuable support to start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Jeff Holtmeier

Founder / Managing Director
GENext founder and Managing Director Jeff Holtmeier has more than 30 years of successful entrepreneurial track record and was awarded the coveted USA Today/NASDAQ/Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year honor and was a finalist for the International Business Award. Jeff also has deep boardroom experience as a result of service on the Boards of Directors of a number of U.S. and Chinese companies, both public and private. He is also a significant contributor in the non-profit world in his local community, with over thirty years of board leadership and service for programs addressing homelessness and people with special needs.

Our Companies

GENext is a holding company with current and active interests in technology companies in the United States, China and Pakistan.

Professional Advisory Services

GENext combines vast experience in technology including a unique blend of successful operating acumen with deep skills and strategic foresight in helping companies capitalize, bring products and services to market, establish distribution and ongoing mentoring. GENext works with Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives and applies best practices from experience, successes and failures endured.

  • Market Expansion-China
  • Market Development-China
  • Digital Transformation-US
  • Capital Formation and Structure US, China
  • Capital Raising Strategies-US, China
  • Business Development US, China
  • Employee Hosting-China
  • Technology Sourcing-US
  • Medical Technologies Market Expansion-China

With more than 30 years of experience including more than 15 years in China, GENext brings a unique blend of expertise to your company’s strategic planning process. The expertise required to accomplish your goals from business concept, planning, funding, selling/marketing, expanding and ultimately exiting is the value driven knowledge shared with GENext clients. Failure is a part of the curriculum which we believe is a necessary component of success.

Our Projects

GENext provides strategic advisory, corporate and market expansion services to technology companies.

A sampling of the industries of our clients from US, China and Pakistan:

  • Voice, Data and IT Company
  • CRM Software Developer
  • Electronics Manufacturer
  • On-Line Gaming Developer
  • PBX Voice Manufacturer
  • Analytical Instrument Developer
  • Managed Services Provider
  • Large Regional Telco Service Provider
  • Database Management Company
  • LBS Developer
  • Chinese Digital Media Provider
  • Clinical Trial Service Provider
  • Medical Device Developer
  • Web Based Fraud Detection Developer
  • Telemedicine Developer
  • Aviation Engineering Services Company
  • Offshore Software Developer
  • Online Pharmacuetical Company

Our Contact

GENext entities and offices are located in Cincinnati Ohio, Guangzhou China and Lahore Pakistan.

USA Office

201 E 4th Street Suite 800
Cincinnati, Ohio
USA 45202
Tel: +1.513.608.6619

China Office

1101 West Tower Xinghui International Mansion
No.8 Jinsui Road
Tianhe District
Guangzhou 518048, P.R. China
Tel: +86.137.1707.2384

Pakistan Office

51-R, Shah Alam Road
Johar Town, Lahore
Pakistan, 54590

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